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5 Ways RPA Can Help Sales Become More Efficient

There has been a shift from the normal way of engaging in sales activity. Right from the introduction of Robotic Process Automation in marketing, sales specialist and business owners have experienced more efficient ways to handle sales with a high conversion rate. This has reduced the inefficient ways of handling sales such as cold phone calls and even sending spam emails.

So if you are looking for some areas you can implement RPA in your marketing department, we are going to cover some of the ways RPA can help sales in your department.

1. Market Trends

Trends analysis is one of the key areas that help you identify areas your organization is doing well and areas that might need improvement. In this analysis, data are used to analyze the needs and interests of your consumers. But with the invention of Robotic Process Automation, the manual way of qualitative market analysis by seeking public opinion is currently fading off. Manually gathering information from focus groups and interviews with customers are now less efficient in most business.

Robotic Process Automation is now crucial to study business trends. Through the use of this technology, business owners and sales specialists can now get an idea of market growth, consumer behavior, and competitive insight within seconds. Examples of tools that apply RPA technology in studying market trends include Google Trends, Attest, and Social Mention. Using Google Trends can help you study the search trends in search engines by giving the search volume index and geographical information about search engine users. This can help business owners efficiently market their products in any geographical location without physically being present in that place.

2. Comparing Competitor's Price

One of the ways by which RPA can help sales is by comparing competitors’ prices. With a competitor’s pricing, you have the opportunity to increase your prices while monitoring your rivals. You no longer have to waste the resource of extracting company information manually in spreadsheets.

Through the use of robots, you can directly extract information from competitors’ websites. This information will help you discover the precise strategies of your competitors giving you data to implement for better sales.

An example of an RPA tool for comparing competitors’ prices is Netrivals. This is a competitor’s price monitoring software that gives a detailed report about the pricing system of competitors. It is so vital that you can track the pricing strategy of competitors and monitor the stock from competitors’ websites.

3. Lead Capturing

Lead capturing is one of the most challenging aspects of sales in most companies. Every business needs to gather information about individuals who show interest and might become customers in the future. With lead capturing, you will be able to take information from potential customers and use it to contact them in the future to offer details about your products and services.

Using RPA in lead capturing process can help you extract information from Enterprise Resource Planning software and store them in a database.

Enterprise Resource Planning software is software used to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management, compliance, and supply chain operations. With this process, the sales department will be able to track their clients more efficiently by capturing leads

4. Order Management Process

After a customer order a product, there is a sequential activity that follows. This activity includes inventory tracking, shipping timeline, creditworthiness, issuing invoice, processing payment, and recording sales. This series of steps involves order management processes.

RPA can be implemented to handle all these tasks in other to eliminate longer duration of the ordering process. With this process, you can efficiently cover more sales processes.

5. Reporting

Data reporting in sales plays a very integral part. To generate a report, you should be able to extract data from the number of sales, customer satisfaction, revenue, sales/marketing expenses, profitability, and other business metrics.

RPA bots can gather data from sales records in a timely fashion. This process can help you reduce the waste of time in reporting from manual processes thereby increasing the efficiency of the sales process.

An example of reporting tools includes Clearpoint and Zoho Analytics. Clearpoint allows you to manage your data from multiple sources so that you can manage your measures initiatives in one place.

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