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Discover how Garrick Solutions customizes solutions for healthcare, streamlining processes through automation and integration, cutting costs, and empowering staff to focus on high-value tasks.

Tailored Solutions

We focus purely on what makes your business run, and what works for you, your business, and its culture.

Navigating Growth and Change

As the saying goes, what got you here won’t get you there. If you don’t change or adapt, your competitor will.

Empowering Your Team with Expert Support

Leverage our experience and knowledge of industry leading practices and technologies, to help your company reach new heights.

Invest in growing your practice, and
reduce your monthly expenses

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our top priority is your satisfaction. If you're not fully satisfied with our services, we'll continue working at no cost until you are. Remember, your collaboration is key to achieving meaningful improvements.

Starting your path to growth

Mastering Medicine: Embracing The Unknown

  • In-depth analysis evaluating operational processes.
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce operational expenses.
  • Providing a comprehensive technology roadmap for system integrations.

Maximize The Potential Of Your Clinic Staff

  • Evaluation of Repetitive and time consuming Tasks
  • In-depth analysis evaluating operational processes
  • Feasibility audit to validate automation opportunities
  • Automation deployment
  • One Hour Life Coaching Session
  • One Hour Personal Trainer Session

Have A Single Version Of The Truth Across Your Practice

  • Comprehensive Evaluation of system API documentation.
  • Documentation research on current technology being used.
  • Collaboration with software partners to understand system processes for integration
  • Development of testing environments for data connectivity with software vendors.
  • One Hour Life Coaching Session
  • One Hour Personal Trainer Session

Your commitment to long term growth

Life After Your Business Residency Blueprint
(10 Company Limit)

$6,995 / month
  • Monthly training on automation, Al, large language models, and soft skills.
  • 1 Strategy session per month (discussions on how to 10x your business).
  • 1 Product discovery session per month (review of product or service feasibility).
  • One Hour Life Coaching Session
  • One Hour Personal Trainer Session

The Unlocking Senior Resident Status Accelerator
(6 Company Limit)

$8,995 / month
  • 1 Strategy session per month (discussions on business growth).
  • 1 Product discovery session per month.
  • 1 Monthly Business Strategy Session.
  • 1 Monthly Technology growth sessions.
  • Detailed company overview report focusing on automation opportunities.
  • One Hour Life Coaching Session
  • One Hour Personal Trainer Session

Achieving The Chief Resident Status Mastermind
(2 Company Limit)

$10,995 / month
  • Weekly Business Strategy Sessions.
  • Weekly Technology growth sessions.
  • Unlimited access to email conversations.
  • Discussions with entire senior leadership on vision and growth plans.
  • Detailed company overview report on automation and system integration.
  • Financial feasibility report for new product development.
  • One Hour Life Coaching Session
  • One Hour Personal Trainer Session

Our Principles and Traditions

We are leaders who embrace challenges fearlessly and possesses an open-minded and driven approach. With a wealth of experience in managing companies and leveraging technology for efficiency optimization. We are at the forefront of our mission to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients.

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Tailored Solutions

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