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7 Things You Can Automate for Your Business Today

There have been a lot of changes in the way modern-day business is being carried out today. These old methods of doing business are not only slow but are less efficient and low in productivity.

With the invention of automated business processes, business owners now have new tools to run their businesses, focusing on higher-value work, providing 24/7 support and operability, and potentiallysaving up to 40% of operation costs.

So, in this article, we will look at ten different things you can automate for your business today.

List of Things You Can Automate for Your Business Today

1. Hiring Process

The old system of hiring is time-consuming and less productive. In this system, HRwill have to manually go through every resume to search for qualified candidates. In most cases, HR is left with no choice butto focus on hiringearly applicants and probably experiences delays in the hiring process. But with the invention of Applicant Tracking Systems ATS, hiring processes is now thorough and accurate.

ATS allows you to track hundreds and thousands of applicants and targeting out the best candidates for the job within minutes. This allows your hiring process to be fast and thorough throughout the process

This process includes:

  1. Storage of your resumes in a centralized database by transforming them into easy-to-scan and structured data.
  2. A pre-screening process is done through certain minimum criteria such as location parameters or even certification parameters.
  3. Automatic matching of applicants’ resumes to the job description helps recruiters focus on qualified candidates.
  4. Resume scoring through the use of relevant keyword searching found in skills, description, and location


2. Customer Service Process

Every day many businesses are looking for better ways to strengthen their customer service process. If there is one area where you need a more productive approach for your business is your customer service approach. Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) now replaces the frequent use of phone calls and emails.

CRM tools are tools used to manage all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. Examples of CRM tools includeClickUp, Hubspot, and salesforce.

With the use of CRMs you can create communication funnels and triggers, and engage your contacts through predetermined emails/text messages and other communications. You can also automate sending mass emails to your contacts, thereby removing the manual process

3. Appointment Scheduling

Automating your appointment scheduling is one of the things you can automate for your business. Today. Manually scheduling your appointments can be extremely time-consuming, especially when you have several appointments in your calendar. Most automatic appointment schedulers now comewith notifications helping you to manage your appointment setting workflow.

Examples of Appointment Schedulers include Calendly, Booksy, and Setmore.

Calendly offers a unique integration feature with your zoom conferencing. When you connect your Calendly with Zoom, you can automatically create video conference details and save them to your Calendly event.

Also, You can set up a specific time for booking specific types of meetings. For example new customers in the morning for 2 hours Monday – Friday. Customer Support for an hour every day, and for having conversations with external vendors for a specific hour within the day as well.

4. Finance

If you intend to reduce costs with the most effective approach to handlingyour finances, then you should be automating your financial reporting. The old and outdated way of reporting with the use of spreadsheets is gradually fading off.

With the use of Robotic Process Automation, you can generate monthly, weekly, or even daily reports within seconds. Automations allow for accuracy, and productivity, and minimizes downtime. You can also create automation to help you in the monthly close process, automate accruals, or reconcile accounts outside of your accounting system.

5. Inventory System

The supply chain process is the process of delivering a product from raw material to the consumer. It includes supply planning, product planning, demand planning, sales and operations planning, and supply management. It is important for a business to automate its supply chain management system. With this process, organizations can process payment of orders within minutes, onboard partners with ease, and track shipment scheduling. This process helps to eliminate low productivity of work outputs thereby increasing efficiency.

6. Social Media

Maintaining a consistent brand identity is important for all brandsintending to havea strong reputation online. With frequent engagement through the automation of scheduling and postingcontent on your social media channels, you can build save time, improve engagement, and boost your online presence.

7. Reporting

Spending hours to days extracting data to compile reports can be tiring. This manual process can be exhausting especially working with different stakeholders. But by automating your report there is no longer time to waste of time. This process will allow work efficient, and productive, and focus on other relevant areas of your business. An example of this is leveraging cloud storage so that stakeholders can upload their information, and then creating automation that consolidates all the information from, let’s say the sales, or production locations onto a single file, to create an executive report.

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Robotic Process Automation

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