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5 Effective Ways to Collect Customer Feedback the Right Way

Bill Gates once said that “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. Customer Feedback is an important tool in the business management process. So many businesses nowadays have grown their customer base through the use of customer feedback. Business owners, project leaders, and management professionals use this way to collect both constructive and destructive criticism through different feedback channels to strengthen their businesses.

But before we dive into the ways to collect customer feedback, here are the key things you need to know about customer feedback.

Why is Customer Feedback Important to Businesses?

The growth of any business depends on feedback from customers. Without customer feedback,  an organization will not be able to know if they are providing the right value to their prospective customer. Also, companies need to make sure their customers are using their products in the intended way. If they are not through the feedback they are getting, then this can help them change their priorities

Benefits of Collecting Customer Feedback

1. A useful tool to improve products and services.

Launching a product or service into the market is quite easy but understanding what customers feel about your product or service is very essential. Customer feedback and insight can help you develop areas that need special attention in other to improve customer s experience. Developing a new strategy to collect customers’ opinions will help you meet their expectations and solve many problems that need to be addressed

2. Access to create or improve on the customer experience

People like Coca-cola products not just because they have a refreshing taste, but because at one point or another other customers have had an experience relating to their brand. Customer feedback at different points can be an avenue to create a customer experience for loyal customers. Sending survey forms to ask customers what they feel about your product or services can help the customer feel valued and stay loyal. For example, thinking about Coca-Cola as a brand makes you feel warm and happy inside, and the thought of polar bear commercials used for Christmas and how they bring us happiness. These customer experiences are meant to create a subconscious emotion of happiness.

3. Increase Customer retention

Big brands have a million ways to retain customers. But one vital aspect you should be focusing on is creating the best customer experience on how they think and feel when they encounter your brand. No customer wants to be unhappy when they use your product or services. Unhappy customers are left with no choice but to find a better alternative and leave. Customer feedback can help you know if customers are happy using your product or services or not. This will help you improve in different areas in other to have high customer retention. As a business, you should have quality standards so that you can measure your products again. Make sure you are focusing on what customers think it’s important.

4. A vital source of information for other customers

Nobody wants to buy products or services they hear for the first time from online ads nowadays. Opinions and feedback from existing customers are now a must for acquiring new customers online. These opinions can be how they feel about the product when they use it and more detailed information about the product you might not know about. Customer feedback is essential to your business as to other customers, so you should invest in more strategic ways to collect feedback from clients.

5. A vital source of information for other customers

The goal of every business is to satisfy its customers. A business product or service that has a high percentage of feedback ratings has a high retention capacity of customers. With the use of customer feedback, you can tell the extent to which your customers are satisfied using your product. This can also show you areas you can work on in other to sustain maximum satisfaction for customers

6. Assist in the Development of new products for the market

Customer feedback is a valuable tool for collecting data to learn about your competitors. With this insight, you will be able to know areas relevant to the development of new products for the market. This way you can get clarification from users on what they think is important about other products, and see if it matches what you think is important from competitors

Here are Ways to Collect Customer Feedback from Clients

1. Leverage the Power of Surveys

Sending surveys to your customers is one of the best ways to communicate with your customer. Their feedback gives you insights into the areas to improve your business. Surveys can be in the form of a questionnaire on a certain aspect of your business. For example, surveys can be collected on customer satisfaction, net promoter score, events, conferences, and specifically on the product.

2. Automated Emails can be Your Next Breakthrough

Sending emails is one of the most effective ways of communicating with customers. Emails that are sent after purchasing an item can help collect feedback from customers about your product or services. Most times automated emails can help you communicate to a bulk number of customers within a short time. Questionnaires and surveys sent via email should be short and straightforward.

3. Go social with your social media handles

Most people underestimate the power of social media. In recent times some online businesses have been able to strengthen their business from the various comments shared by customers via their social media posts. These might not be the best way to measure your feedback ratings on some social media handles but can be a starting point for starts ups who find it difficult to deploy the latest technologies. 

Also, through social media, you can send direct messages to customers asking them to rate your product or services in other to foster communication between you and them.

4. Pop-ups and notifications

Everyday technology is going sophisticated but easy to use. Many companies are already implementing chatbots, and direct messaging through WhatsApp as an avenue to collect feedback. Pop-ups and notifications via Apps and websites are also one of the best ways to collect customer feedback. These pop-ups are short questions usually single questions that are addressed to a client on their experience using the product or services. It can also be in the form of ratings.

5. Interviews through one-on-one meetings, or panel discussions

Of all the ways to collect customer feedback from clients mentioned earlier, this is one of the most effective ways of collecting feedback. Though this might not be the best approach for all businesses, it can be an eye-opening experience regardless of your business size. Interacting with customers will help you have a deep conversation with customers and know ways to improve your products and services.


In a nutshell, we cannot emphasize enough that collecting feedback is vital to every business. If you want to grow your business through a customer-centric approach collecting customer feedback can help your increase growth and profit over the years.

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